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  • 918 Joules and Ariel protection
  • 19,500 Amp Max Spike Current with RM 8,000 CEW*
  • Best for protecting your general electronics, home appliances, and more
  • Features a 238 Joule energy rating to provide basic protection for entry-level computers, peripherals, and household electronics
  • Grounds AC power with 3-line protection through all 4 outlets
  • Delivers power through a 3-metre, heavy-duty cable
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Connected Equipment Warranty Max. Damage Coverage RM 2000
  • 238 Joules
  • Maximum Spike Current: 6,500 Amps
  • 4 Surge Protected Outlets

A power surge or lightning strike can destroy your computer and valuable files in an instant. Computers must be protected with a SurgeMaster II® with Internet Ready Telephone line protection.

  • 6 Surge-Protected Sockets
  • 1940 Joules/45000 Amp Maximum Spike Current
  • Features illuminated LEDS to alert you when devices are grounded and protected
  • Telephone/Modem and DSL Protection
  • Offers lifetime MYR15,000 Connected Equipment Warranty
  • Provides longer-lasting surge protection with higher joule ratings
  • Provides greater spike and lightning absorption with higher maximum spike current ratings
  • Features additional protection levels for telephone, ADSL and coaxial lines
  • Helps ensure child safety with recessed sockets and insulated-pin plugs
  • Features a simple cable management design
  • Connected Equipment Warranty Max. Damage Coverage MYR 35,000
  • 2,700 Joules and Telephone / Modem / DSL / Ariel protection
  • 75,000 Amp Max Spike Current with RM 35,000 CEW*
  • Best for protecting workstations, broadband modems, home theatre systems, and everyday household e
  • 4 sockets with 2Metre power cord lengths
  • Features 558 Joule energy rating and max.
  • Spike 6500 amp protection for entry-level computers, and household electronics.
  • 034 Joule energy rating provides standard protection for your basic electronic devices
  • 4 surge-protected socket
  • Telephone / Modem / DSL protection
  • The Spoiler Cable System' for easy and clutter free cable management
  • BlockSpace' Sockets provide room for large
  • AC adapter blocks
  • Outlet x 4 plus USB x 2 (12W / 2.4A)
  • Surge Protection 1,000 JOULES
  • Maximum Current: 250V, 13A or 3,250W
  • USB Smart Detection: Automatically detect which the exact charge required by the connected devices and delivering MAX charging speed accordingly
  • 2M / 6.6FT Power Cord
  • Child Safety Shutter